LifeTech City

LifeTech City
The first pole of competitiveness in Romania in the field of medicine, life sciences and informatics LifeTech City

The hexagonal structure provides the most efficient form of cell interconnection to create a unitary one.

The hexagonal model combines the specific concepts of members of the association, as the association intends to create adequate framework for the development of its members' activity through the association between the academic, public, private and civic environment. This is the most effective way to ensure access to human resources with rich experience in medical research and modern technology capable of guaranteeing performance.

LifeTech City was established as an associative structure in 2012 at the initiative of the representatives of Tîrgu Mureş Municipality.

Since 2015, LifeTech City has been registered as an associative structure with legal personality.

LifeTech City brings together 4 public institutions / authorities, 3 universities, 3 sanitary units, 3 NGOs and 12 companies. Total 25 members.

The quality of the competitiveness pole of the "Competitive pole in the medical, life sciences and computer science", hereinafter referred to as LifeTech City, is defined by 3 elements, namely: 

·       the composition - within the structure of the Competitiveness Pole there are four types of entities, namely enterprises, universities, research institutes, as well as entities with a catalytic role (e.g. Mureş Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture, Mureş County Council, Tîrgu Mureş City Hall, Center for Regional Development Agency, National Authority for Quality Management in Health).

·       association - the pole of competitiveness in the medical field, life sciences and informatics is constituted as a legal personality association, because the Competitiveness Pole is represented by an entity that operates on the basis of the constitutive act and the provisions of the association statute and

·           the pole development strategy- presents the common development directions agreed with all pole members.

The Structure of the Competitiveness Pole responds to new paradigms / models for increasing the efficiency of contemporary economies and business models through widespread use of technology in general and information and communication technology in particular in RDI activities. This paradigm is also promoted by the Europe 2020 strategy. 

LifeTech City is the name of the association, according to the Constitutive Act attesting the association and provisions of the Association's statute. The purpose of the association is to create a competitiveness pole as a business support structure of national and international interest with the aim of developing research and development activities in medical sciences and medical science related fields with a significant component of information and communication technology. By medical science we understand biology, nanobiology, nanotechnology, but also related fields such as pharmacology or genetics.

The fundamental advantages of the current structure of the LifeTech City Competitiveness Pole are the synergies developed between the two main types of activities on the one hand and the choice of companies to develop complex research and development projects due to access to research and knowledge resources -how of universities, members of the Pole.